Centre 'politicising' triple talaq issue: Muslim women organisation

Posted October 25, 2016

The Samajwadi Party and therefore the Congress, that hope to corner a share of the eighteen Muslim pick out Uttar Pradesh, have argued that it's a sensitive issue and may be left to the community. The community has also made a decision to involve Dalits in the movement against the UCC, which has been given the slogan: "Save Constitution, Save Nation". The BJP is trying to infringe upon the fundamental and religious rights of the Muslims in the country.

The Ministry of Law and Justice, in its affidavit, referred to constitutional principles such as gender equality, secularism, worldwide covenants, religious practices and marital law prevalent in various Islamic countries to drive home the point that the practice of triple talaq and polygamy needed to be adjudicated upon afresh by the apex court.

The meeting was presided by Zahed Ali Khan, editor-in-chief of Siasat Daily and was attended by opposition leaders from across Telangana. It has prepared a form that states Muslim women are satisfied with existing personal laws and do not want Uniform civil code, and is signed by Muslim women after providing her unique identification number - Aadhar card or Passport number of a PAN number. Tahreek Muslim Shabban president Mushtaq Malik appealed Muslims to support the AIMPLB in its fight against the Centre.

ICC oversight chief calls on South Africa, Burundi to remain
It's not terribly surprising that a president in that position would seek to avoid the ICCs jurisdiction by withdrawing. Since the law was enacted, the Sudanese president has not attempted to enter Kenya, which is an ICC member state.

Asserting that "Uniform Civil Code" is a "stick to beat Muslims with", Menon acknowledge that Muslim Personal Law is modern in sense and reforms in other personal laws were made only taking hint from it.

Furthermore, PM Modi expressed his regret over the triple talaq prevalence and said that if someone says talaq thrice on the phone, the woman's life is absolutely destroyed, he added that such a practice should be stopped right away.

"By Our RepresentativeAs many as 114 academics, lawyers, journalists, writers, artists and poets from the Muslim community have come together to insist that that they are against "instant arbitrary triple talaq as practiced in India", even as opposing the BJP rulers" effort to link it with the "need" to adopt a universal civil code (UCC). Dr Rafat Seema, Professor Syeda Latifunnisa and Mrs. Sameena Subhani also spoke.

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