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Posted October 26, 2016

The show, which will air nightly during weeknights in the lead-up to the November 8 election, is to serve as a lead-in to Trump's nightly campaign rallies, which also will be streamed live.

Traditional campaign coverage this isn't.

One such surrogate tonight will reportedly be former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

The show is meant to act as a lead-in to Trump's rallies, which will also be broadcast on Trump's Facebook page.

The show didn't present new information so much as it just casually preached to their most loyal base - and the hosts assumed their viewers had a lot of insidery knowledge of Clinton's alleged wrongdoings, since they just discussed rather than explained her various supposed scandals.

Conservative pundit Tomi Lahren of the Blaze delivered an opinion segment titled "Final Thoughts".

Republican VP hopeful Mike Pence to campaign in Omaha
Polls show the race is close in Ohio, but hampering Trump is a marked reluctance among some Ohio Republicans to support Trump. Later this evening, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren will be at Meredith College in Raleigh for an early voting event .

Facebook carried the first Trump Tower Live program Monday night. It primarily featured Sims and Boris Epshteyn, another Trump advisor, vehemently agreeing with each other that Hillary Clinton is bad and that Trump has a real shot at becoming the next president. And the hosts were dressed up in suits that invoked formal network attire. That's right: The first episode of Donald Trump's nightly news show premiered on Facebook Monday evening, and it gave us a good idea of what to expect from Trump after the election.

Since the daily video stream will only be available on Trump's Facebook page, it will probably be viewed mostly by his most dedicated supporters. Julie McClain, a spokeswoman for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, said her candidate has generated 53 Facebook Live shows that have attracted almost 40 million views, including a dozen that were streamed to over 1 million viewers. There have been rumors that Trump is looking into launching a TV network, Trump TV, after the election, but this new move shouldn't be seen as a test drive to get viewers ready for that shitshow.

A nightly campaign coverage show launched on Donald Trump's Facebook page Monday night, prompting America to ask, for the second time, whether it's witnessing the beginnings of 'Trump TV'. Epshteyn said, "We are excited to be bypassing the left-wing media". "They're saying, well, somehow this is Trump TV. It's about using 21st century technology and communication in a way that's effective".

Trump Tower Live will take care of that, hopefully. "It's an extension of our ad programs and our social media posts", Parscale says.

Also read: Clinton ally was major donor to Federal Bureau of Investigation official's wife's campaign. And it emphasizes Trump's message to his voters that the media is their enemy as well as his.

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