Pak govt bans protests in Islamabad, Imran Khan remains defiant

Posted October 27, 2016

Pakistan outlawed public gatherings and political protests in the capital Islamabad on Thursday, ahead of next week's planned "lockdown" of the city by opposition politician Imran Khan.

The directions were issued by the court while hearing four petitions, seeking the PTI to withdraw its decision to lockdown Islamabad.

According to the law, five or more people will not be allowed to gather in the capital during this period.

"The youngsters of PTI are pursuing door-to-door campaign and, hopefully, one hundred thousand residents of the capital city will participate in the protest sit-in that will pave the way for accountability in the country", he said.

Imran Khan also announced that his party's Islamabad protest will be held at any cost on Nov 2.

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He added, "The fundamental rights of the common man can not be compromised in the name of protest". The court also summoned Imran Khan in personal capacity on October 31. It directed that the district administration should designate a specific place for the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf public meeting.

The judge further stated that all hospitals, schools and businesses will remain open on the day of the protest, while adding that no container should be placed on roads on November 2.

"People have made a decision to hold the corrupt prime minister accountable in Islamabad or he will have to resign", he said, adding that "the government is using illegal and unconstitutional tactics to refrain us from holding a peaceful protest".

"The government is using illegal and unconstitutional tactics to refrain us from holding a peaceful protest", he added. Warning the Punjab police to avoid confrontation with "peaceful protesters", Imran said, "I warn these officials to stay away from the protesters".

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