Massive gator saunters across path at Polk County reserve

Posted January 17, 2017

A massive alligator, easily as long as a minivan, was caught on video crossing paths with nature enthusiasts in central Florida on Sunday, in a scene that was described as "very exciting" by one courageous eyewitness.

On Monday morning, Lakeland Police posted the video on social media showing the giant gator walking through the Circle B Bar Reserve in Polk County. The video shows four people at the Polk Nature Discovery Center watching as a behemoth of an alligator slowly walks across the path.

The video shows the huge gator casually strolling across a grassy path. Joiner estimates that the alligator was at least 12 feet long, similar in size to one that was spotted on a Florida golf course a year ago.

Late Weekend Ice Storm
Abram Dean, the manager of a hardware store there, said there was a "big rush" on supplies with more truckloads on the way. ISP officials also reminded motorists to obey Scott's Law, by yielding to emergency vehicles and snow removal equipment.

Kim Joiner happened to be there and recorded the gator as it strolled by.

Video of a massive alligator spotted in Lakeland was posted to Facebook on Sunday, with many viewers questioning whether it's fake.

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