Bank robber would rather be in jail than with his wife

Posted January 26, 2017

Well, that's a new way to solve a marital dispute: a Kansas City man was so determined to avoid his wife that he robbed a bank and intentionally allowed himself to get caught.

So, the 70-year-old made a decision to rob a Kansas City, Kan., bank because he preferred prison to living with his wife.

According to The Associated Press, court documents reveal that Ripple gave a bank teller a note, which read, "I have a gun, give me money".

After the teller gave him £2,924 (£2,344), Ripple then sat in the bank lobby and waited for officers to arrive.

He told investigators he would rather go to jail than live at home, and now faces up to 20 years.

Ripple pleaded guilty without making any plea deal so lawyers are free to argue a fair sentence.

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Police responded quickly to the bank, which is on the same block as the city's police headquarters, and Ripple was arrested.

The geriatric thief told said in a police interview that he had been fighting with his wife and he "no longer wanted to be in that situation".

On Monday, Ripple was accompanied by his wife in the U.S. District Court in Kansas City, Kansas, where he pleaded guilty. "Ripple then walked to the bank and robbed it".

When security swarmed the bank and confronted Ripple. he told them, "I'm the guy you're looking for".

No sentencing date has been set.