Resident Evil 7 Runs Pretty Damn Well On All Platforms

Posted January 30, 2017

Resident Evil 7 has shipped a massive 2.5 million units.

According to Capcom, the game's first demo not only scared the living daylights out of players but also induced violent vomiting due to extreme motion sickness.

We are part of the 2.5 million strong that has acquired Resident Evil 7 and we must say that the game is indeed terrifying. The most interesting of these informative statistics is the number of gamers that have been playing Resident Evil 7 in VR, which as of this writing clocks in at 82,962, which accounts for 9.54% of players across all three platforms. Terrifying fans at events across the globe past year, the PlayStation VR "KITCHEN" tech demo was developed utilizing the RE Engine's VR oriented tools, and is the foundation on which the talented Resident Evil team has crafted the immersive horror experience in Resident Evil 7.

As for myself, while only having played the game for roughly two hours, I'm already inclined to agree with the general review consensus on Resident Evil 7.

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What's your take? Do you want Resident Evil 8 to be first-person and have the same setting as RE7?

Admittedly, you do lose some of the detail when using the PlayStation VR headset, but virtual reality definitely has its own benefits. It's just as scary, just as immersive, and even more attractive.

The series made its debut back in 1996 and the cumulative sales of the games in the series total over 75 million units, as of January 27, 2017.

Hopefully the failure of the game to hit this target set by Capcom won't stop it from being viewed as a general return to form for the once ailing series, which reviewers on the whole have pointed to it having achieved.

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