Square Enix predicts $2.2 billion yearly earnings spike

Posted February 08, 2017

Before the game's release, Tabata noted that the game needed to sell ten million copies to be considered a "success", though that was later noted to be more of a personal goal, instead of the number that needed to be reached to break even.

Square Enix recently published its third quarter earnings report, and things are looking good for the Final Fantasy publisher.

You can find the full report via the link below.

Square Enix also saw an increase in unit sales in every key territory such as Europe and the USA, selling 20.8 million units between April and December last year, an increase from 10.56 million the year prior. However, since the process will take a year, such is not now in their plans. In fact, Kujiraoka suggested that Dissidia Final Fantasy's potential as a competitive fighting game might propel it not just onto consoles but also into markets outside of Japan.

Much like the company as a whole, Square Enix's MMO game biz (think: Final Fantasy XI and XIV) saw a dip in profits year-over-year, which it chalks up to "the absence of expansion disk releases" during the April - December 2016 timeframe.

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Tabata also shared that 70% of the dev team are still hard at work on the game with DLC, free updates, and the PSVR experience still to come.

The "Final Fantasy XV" Magitek Exosuit DLC release date has been delayed a bit further. The other 30 percent have moved to other areas within Square Enix.

But I can't help but to wonder if the games-maker hasn't snuck a hidden game in the mix as well.

The game may be released but the adventure isn't over.

The timing and the numbers seemed quite suspect and I hope we get a nice present, but don't get your hopes up.