Tom Purcell: Whose Day Is Presidents' Day Anyway?

Posted February 23, 2017

Although the term President's Day is what is most commonly heard on commercials and savings this weekend, it is still dedicated to America's first president.

Sonoma County offices also were closed last Monday. Buses are running, but schools are closed.

Actors portraying President Abraham Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, stroll the Chicago History Museum on Monday. But if you weren't able to take care of a permit or some other business last week, don't try today. His real birthday is actually coming up on the 22nd, but today is the federal holiday honoring Washington's Birthday.

Is the Post Office open?


Of the most recent US Presidents, who do you think was the best leader? It's Washington's Birthday. At least, that's the holiday.

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Although Washington's birthday is February 22, a legislation passed in the 1960s designated that it, along with Memorial Day and Veteran's Day, would be celebrated on Mondays, according to the Smithsonian. Officially, the holiday has another name.

Washington should have a standalone holiday and if the country wished to extend a similar honor to Lincoln, it can be done with enough separation so as not to overlap each other. The date for the annual federal holiday was established by Congress with the Monday Holidays Act, which went into effect in 1971.

While Presidents Day sales bring attractive deals and discounts each year, the holiday also affects the regular hours of services and institutions, as follows.

The holiday later became an occasion to pay tribute to the first president, George Washington, and the 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, albeit more recently it has become a holiday to honor all USA presidents past and present.

Some liberals out there never got the memo, or are instead choosing to ignore, that Presidents Day was never designed as an occasion for people to unload their opinions about the present President. Even Hallmark doesn't have a line of Presidents Day greeting cards.