Skype Mingo is now Skype Lite, designed for low data usage

Posted February 24, 2017

"Skill India" was a plan orchestrated by the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on Wednesday launched a new product called Sangam in Mumbai.

The IT infrastructure referred to include Aadhaar, the united payment interface (UPI) that has enabled apps like Bhim that allow bank transfers in a jiffy, the eKYC (electronic know your customer) that has enabled those like Reliance Jio to enroll customers in 2-3 minutes, and eSign that allows any document to be signed electronically using Aadhaar.

Since Skype is a conversational platform, we would also like to see some integration with Microsoft Cortana for conversational bots. The company assured that it deletes all the Aadhaar data once the call has been disconnected.

Nadella highlighted the Microsoft Garage India-only app, Kaizala, which is being used by the government of the Andhra Pradesh region to help coordinate a major local festival by, for example, conducting polls, assigning jobs and managing bills across workgroups.

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Nadella said that Microsoft is very excited about innovations such as Skype Lite and Kaizala - another mobile app developed initially for, and extensively used in, India - because, he explained, "it is born from this fundamental insight we gain by observing how digital work is transforming in India". The platform, which is still in a private preview stage, is yet to go public. On the other hand, through technology, people in remote places can quickly be provided the same quality of education and healthcare usually available in big cities, he said. Given the fact that picture sharing is pretty common these days, the app wil compress the photos before uploading them to ensure less data usage. Additionally, Nadella said that LinkedIn now has 39 million users in the country. Also, the new app is created to run on old or low-end Android devices without consuming too much memory or processing power.

In this ever-changing economy, everybody is looking forward to move fast with their professional projects, and Skype Lite can help with that most important scenario - the job interview. So even if you have 4G connection but speeds drop to 3G or 2G due to various network issues, the app will switch automatically to lower-resolution video. "It is powered by the new cloud services and made for consumers in India", Eugene Ho explained.

In realising the digital transformation of the country, the internet giant launched an app called Skype Lite, which consumes much less data than the Skype app.

Nadella said that finding the right job is a challenge for graduates in India.

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