New Nokia 3310 leak reveals a larger display, more color options

Posted February 26, 2017

We expect many things from the world's leading manufacturers, including Samsung, LG, Huawei and Nokia.

Now a new report from Chinese website Vtech says that the latest rendition of the Nokia 3310 will drop the monochrome screen for a colour display.

Incredibly, the most anticipated mobile phone announcement ahead of next week's MWC 2017 pertains to a handset that first appeared on the scene at the turn of the century.

Concept videos have reimagined the upcoming Nokia handset and bear testimony to how eagerly awaited the device is.

Nokia is set to unveil the classic 3310 at the World Mobile Congress this weekend. According to Blass, the Nokia 3310 will run the trademark Nokia's Symbian OS, and the version would be S30+.

It will be much lighter and slimmer than the original as it is expected to be made of either metal or a polymer rather chunky plastic as well as being available in a range of colours. Although HMD Global is producing and designing the new phones, they will bear the legendary Nokia tag.

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The Nokia 3310 reboot will reportedly be priced at Euro 59.

There is no word on the battery, but it is also expected to get a refresh, as technology has improved a lot since the original model was introduced in 2000.

The handset, expected to be unveiled at MWC next week, will also come in multiple color variants including red, green, and yellow, it is claimed.

Alongside the Nokia 3310 the company is expected to launch the Nokia P1, their flagship device. Along with the impressive design, the features it packed impressed most users, like a calculator and a reminders feature.

The Finnish company had dumped its own OS as well as the Windows OS for Google's Android which seems to be the most promising of them all at this time. It's an impressive figure even now.

As mentioned in the above article, HMD is only looking to target Europe with these phones, so Nokia 3310 fans in the United States will have to wait until the company releases it there, if at all.

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