The last of Wolverine: Logan leaves a legacy

Posted March 03, 2017

James Mangold's Logan is now showing in theaters.

Mangold was asked on Twitter by a fan if there would be a black and white version of Logan, to which the director simply answered, "Workin' on it". To do the film, Mangold said in a recent phone conversation from New York City, that sort of narrative was a must.

Logan - better known to you and me as the Wolverine - is living in a drunkards hell. "You can nearly cut the trailer in your mind where some character is saying, 'This is the worst we've ever faced, ' and if they don't level a city, they level a continent, and if they don't level a continent, they blow up the Earth, and the threats, the stakes are always so high and global". Just a little bit is fine. "When I was talking to Jerry that day, I was like, Oh, yeah", Hugh said. I'll be really interested to see how I feel about it. So I go back into interviews, three minutes later, [my assistant] comes in, and goes, 'You'll never guess!' And I'm like, 'Yeah, whatever.' It took her a good three minutes to convince me it happened!

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With the new movie being Hugh Jackman's last Wolverine picture as well as the latest Marvel film, it would seem a no-brainer for movie theaters to present it with IMAX's top tier picture. While attempting to seclude himself from the world, Logan is approached by a young mutant with powers extremely similar to his.

When the bad guys with guns show up, Logan takes off with Laura and Charles on an epic road trip to a safe haven that may or may not actually exist. Gone are the cameos that that have defined 20th Century Fox's previous X-Men movies. That much time creates an indelible relationship between character and actor, and if they could meet their alter-egos, they'd want to say thanks.

There was a moment when we were thinking about, as I recall, Jim [Mangold] had an idea where when they were on the run, and they go to the gambling town, there may have been at that point they were going to see [Sabretooth] for help.