Patriots Seeking Two First Round Picks For Jimmy Garoppolo

Posted March 09, 2017

The Patriots may be seeking as much as a No. 1 this season and a No. 1 next season. But a nice alternative package could include the Browns' second first-rounder in this draft (No. 12 overall that the Browns are reportedly willing to part with in a potential Garoppolo deal) plus one of two second-rounders held by Cleveland (No. 33 or No. 52 overall).

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns are hoping to walk out of the first round with two players on April 29: Myles Garrett and Garoppolo.

This year's draft class also may impact the thinking of NFL GMs and coaches in regard to Garoppolo. If you read it carefully, she says she's heard from sources that the Browns are still interested in a Jimmy G trade, but she never actually says that she's heard from anyone that the Browns would trade their 12th pick, just that she can see it being something Cleveland would seriously think about. They did not have a first-round pick previous year as part of their Deflategate punishment.

Should Hightower walk, it would leave Malcom Brown as the team's only first-round pick since 2012 still on the team.

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They can keep driving up the price, simply by saying "We're not trading him" and by reading the obvious tea leaves and seeing how desperate teams are for a QB - this is the same year in which there appears to be a bidding war on Mike Glennon.

Garofolo suggested one of those first round selections would be for the 2018 NFL Draft. But two first rounders, that's not a good deal. It's the equivalent of Scrooge McDuck jumping into a pool of gold coins. Short of placing the franchise tag on a backup with a future Hall of Famer starting, they risk the possibility of losing him for free.

Only the Pats could find themselves in this situation and play it to absolute perfection.