Google Buys Kaggle, a Data Science Community, to Bolster Cloud Offerings

Posted March 10, 2017

Google's innovations outside the core search business include healthcare (partnership with Johnson & Johnson for the development of surgical robots), self-driving cars (partnership with Ford), cloud computing and drones, all being driven significantly by machine learning. According to Li, such search and identification of video have been a challenge for developers, with most of the image recognition and tagging capabilities being available for still images, though there has been limited video search that involved manual tagging of images. In a second demonstration the API was tasked with searching for "beach", and succeeded in finding videos which contained beach scenes in the same way that Google Photos can search a photograph collection for images of beaches.

Google announced this Wednesday morning that they are in the process of acquiring Kaggle, the online service that hosts data science.

Adding more regions will help Google compete with other public cloud platforms like Microsoft and Amazon.

The API is part of the larger Google Cloud Machine Learning platform. One unusual detail pertaining to this deal is that SAP will remain responsible for data running on the Google Cloud Platform as the companies are hoping that move will be beneficial to the adoption rate of their cloud services.

Google's new offering is somewhat similar to the Convertible Reserved Instance offering from Amazon Web Services, which lets users reserve a particular compute instance in that cloud with the ability to change the instance type they want in the future.

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It also gives Google a compelling way to sell its cloud services to its existing advertising customers.

Cloud Language can transcribe text in over 80 languages and detect inappropriate content. Users can then analyze the text output with other machine learning APIs from Google.

This new capability represents the first direct integration with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Google's advertising services, making it "really easy for marketing teams to become empowered and build marketing analytics inside GCP", Stevens said.

Buying Kaggle could also boost Google's recruiting efforts, giving it access to a large pool of scientists. Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google's parent company Alphabet, said the company has spent $30 billion on its cloud strategy, and urged enterprises and developers to come aboard. "Today we are happy to welcome the addition of the Google Cloud Region in Montreal with which Quebec-based business and Canada will take another step into a 21st century economy". Verizon, HSBC, eBay, Home Depot, Disney, Colgate-Palmolive, and SAP also spoke about their partnerships with Google - alternately in glittering generalities and arcane enterprise software acronyms.

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