Ciara involved in vehicle crash around Los Angeles area

Posted March 11, 2017

Details about Ciara's accident come from TMZ, whose sources say that Ciara's Mercedes SUV was hit in the front passenger side by a grey Volvo SUV. The pop singer, 31, is expecting her second child (her first with her National Football League star husband, Russell Wilson). No word yet on whether or not the baby is okay, but if Ciara was walking around and talking on her phone then we think it's safe to assume the baby is doing okay.

She could be seen standing by the vehicle as it remained on the street, and also speaking with officials by the auto when it was parked beside the curb.

Ciara announced her pregnancy on her birthday last October.

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She is now married to National Football League quarterback Russell Wilson, who plays for the Seattle Seahawks.

The happy couple shared a Harper's Bazaar family photo shoot earlier this week, a shoot that also included Baby Future.

Ciara encountered a scary incident on Friday in Los Angeles. Okay, talk to you later, baby. "God is good!", Russell tweeted.

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