Fight for a new home in Mass Effect: Andromeda launch trailer

Posted March 11, 2017

Game publishers have a knack for releasing "launch" trailers for their games weeks beforehand. BioWare and EA have been teasing us with gameplay and teaser videos over the past couple months, and the launch trailer fills in a few story details that may have been missing before.

If you give this a watch, you'll be taken on a tour of various sections such cargo bay where the Nomad is located. In the game players are Pathfinders as they are looking for a new home for humanity in the distant star system, Andromeda.

While the story might seem smaller in scope to the original Mass Effect trilogy, its undertakings still appear massive in scale. The trial is limited in nature and is set to a 10-hour timer - you'll be able to explore the first planet in the campaign (which will carry over to your save for the 21st), or hit up the multiplayer to get ahead on levels.

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Hopes are high for the fourth entry in the Mass Effect series, after many were left disappointed by the notoriously anti-climactic conclusion to Mass Effect 3. Many of us have been working on this game for years, and to see all of these moments put together in one trailer helps even us realize just how big this adventure is.

It's finally happening, we have 11 days until Mass Effect: Andromeda releases and if you're playing on Xbox One or PC, you might only be waiting six days to play.

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