Listen To Three New Nicki Minaj Songs

Posted March 11, 2017

One line directly calls out "Another One", the second diss track Remy released before Minaj mounted her response.

For some, in the tweets below, "No Fraud" is further proof she's more of a pop artist than a hip-hop artist.

Yesterday (March 9th 2017), Nicki unveiled her new single "No Frauds" with Drake and Lil Wayne in which she addressed comments made by Remy in her diss tracks "ShETHER" and its follow-up "Another One".

As Inquisitr previously reported, Remy Ma has since backtracked from "Shether" and said that she's is not proud of the song.

You can listen to all three songs on Apple Music or Spotify. Nas, of course, had one of the most epic beefs with Jay Z. "He may actually add Remy Ma, 36, to it", the source reveals. She reconnected with old rap friends. Director Francis Ford Coppola and actors Al Pacino, James Caan, Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton, Talia Shire and Robert De Niro will participate in a panel discussion at the Tribeca Film Festival in NY next month following screenings for the first two "The Godfather" films.

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HollywoodLifers, do you think Nicki deserves to be dissed after what she did? Google Trends and Billboard charts tell a story rap fans won't today. "They act like they didn't see her interview tho", she wrote. Remy charged into this battle as the kingslayer.

She continues by questioning her challenger. She knows this, and she has expressed resentment for it. Stay in your bum ass place.

Now that Nic has fired back with "No Frauds" with Drake and Lil Wayne, the Hot 97 DJ is still taking issue with Minaj. "I own my own masters, bitch, independent", Remy spit on "ShETHER", indicting Nicki for selling out not just to Cash Money but to the industry machine. But Nicki, who has been working on a new album, has her own way of fighting back. In 2013, Nicki vowed never to come back to the station because Charlamagne said "Anaconda" was wack. "/ 'Back to Back?' Me and Drizzy laughed at that".

Everyone upset that Nicki didn't send back five minutes of #BARS, and no chorus, should crawl back into their Beef and Smack DVD collections.

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