New footage raises questions about police killing of Michael Brown

Posted March 14, 2017

The robbery allegation is what led to the confrontation between police and Brown, which resulted in Brown, a black man, being killed by Darren Wilson, a white officer.

Sunday night's protest, however, became more charged, forcing Kanzler to retreat inside the store.

The documentary contains footage the filmmaker's director, Jason Pollock, says shows Brown arranged an exchange of marijuana for cigarillos with other store clerks, hours before he returned to the market to collect the merchandise.

The video specifically shows Brown giving the clerks a small bag, which they smell and inspect. Pollock says the video shows Brown leaving some of the cigars behind the counter to be picked up later - suggesting that Brown was not robbing the liquor store in the moments before he was killed, rather was coming back to pick up the cigarillos he had left there.

The documentary suggests that Brown did not return to rob the store but came back to retrieve the bag of cigarellos.

During that protest, the store's lawyer reportedly spoke to those gathered, claimed that the released footage had been edited to cut out the moment when employees threw the bag back to Brown, and said he would release the undoctored footage to the public on March 13.

Jay Kanzler, an attorney for Ferguson Market and Liquor, said Pollock never reached out to him or his clients in regards to what's seen in the video. There was no understanding. "The reason he gave it back is he was walking out the door with unpaid merchandise and they wanted it back", Kanzler told the NY newspaper.

Kanzler told CNN that the full video will be released Monday and will put to rest the "Stranger Fruits" filmmakers "edited version of events".

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"The footage shows Mr".

Previously, it had been disputed between the Brown family's lawyers, police and witnesses as to what exactly happened at the store.

"That doesn't make him a drug dealer", host Chris Cuomo shot back.

Ferguson police had released surveillance video of Brown strong arming his way out of the same store with cigarillos.

Brown's parents have filed a federal civil suit against Wilson and the city of Ferguson over the death of their son.

The shooting of the unarmed black Missouri teenager in August 2014, sparked widespread protests, some of which turned violent. Belmar said his department focused on investigating the shooting, not the incident at the store. Wilson said he saw that Brown was carrying mini-cigars and suspected that the two might have been involved in a convenience store robbery of cigarillos that had been reported by police radio. The fatal encounter with Wilson soon followed.

A spokesperson for the St. Louis County Police Department told NYTimes that the video was not released because it wasn't relevant to the case. Brown's mother, says in Mr. Pollock's documentary, Stranger Fruit.

Pollock claims to have discovered the existence of the footage in a police report that failed to document what can actually be seen transpiring on camera.

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