'Beauty And The Beast' makes over $170 million in opening weekend

Posted March 20, 2017

Following the live-action version of "The Jungle Book" earning close to $1 billion worldwide a year ago, the studio looks to have another cash cow in the making with "Beauty and the Beast" breaking the record for the biggest opening weekend ever for March with an estimated $170 million, according to Variety.

Watson was reportedly offered Dollars three million upfront, but her profits will likely end up being considerably larger upon the film's total gross.

Disney also set a new record for the biggest IMAX opening for a PG-rated film, grossing $21 million worldwide ($12.5 million domestic) from 1,026 IMAX screens.

The film, which stars Emma Watson as Belle, is another blockbuster hit for Disney's live action reboots of animated films.

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In the United Kingdom and Ireland it also delivered the biggest Disney live-action opening of all time, the biggest March opening weekend of all time and the number one opening of 2017 to date. "Beauty and the Beast" follows other successful live-action Disney film remakes such as "Alice in Wonderland", "Cinderella", "Maleficent," and "The Jungle Book", which made its debut previous year.

The film's PG rating, mid-March release, casting, and mix of both new and classic songs helped lead to the film's big opening, Degarabedian said.

"You see all the colours of the character, from the lovable rogue to the buffoon to the jealous, revengeful sort of monster that he becomes by the end of the movie", says Evans.

Other live action remakes in development at Disney: "Dumbo", "The Lion King", "Aladdin", "Mulan" and "Pinocchio".

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