Netflix testing out a "Skip Intro" feature to enable smoother binging

Posted March 20, 2017

Netflix has yet to make an official announcement on the new feature. Let us know in the comments section below. Until now, those who were exhausted of hearing the same jingle for the tenth time during a binging session used the right arrow key to skip a couple of frames, but that always left them either watching the last seconds of the intro or missing the first seconds of the show. Depending on your device, Netflix may automatically skip the introductions on some platforms when you're binge-watching a show, but generally you're going to be stuck with that intro time and again. For it to move to other services would require app updates on the platforms where it's available.

While The Verge reported that the Skip Intro button has also been spotted on some third party shows, Netflix is yet to confirm whether or not it will be added on all content or just on its original shows.

As of now, the feature appears to only be available on the web for select shows, including House of Cards, Iron Fist, and Mad Men. PC Magazine reports that the streaming site is also looking to replace its rating system from its current 5 stars to a thumbs up or thumbs down. We've reached out to the company asking for more information.

The company found that over 200 per cent more ratings were logged on the new system, according to Mr Yellin. If you click on it, you can start binge-watching right away.

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Of course there are some people who prefer their intros.

Do you think Netflix's new features will attract more customers?

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