'Beauty and the Beast' worth seeing again

Posted March 30, 2017

A young, handsome woman held against her will in a locked room by an aggressive, beastly captor - does this situation sound romantic or disconcerting? We don't need to know that the villagers don't remember the castle because the same enchantress who cursed the Prince also had the power to make them forget that Prince or his castle ever existed. It's frustrating, but having seen the film, I get it. Simply put, some people are overreacting to the homosexuality showcase surprise when it is obvious that the scene should just make people laugh instead of raising eyebrows, whether one is liberated or conservative.

Many of these films take a new spin on the story and experiment with different perspectives and darker themes to appeal to an older audience. We all fell in love with Belle, the romantic dreamer of a heroine who gets lost in books and yearns to escape her provincial life.

Like we weren't mesmerised enough by the reboot of Disney's classic tale Beauty and the Beast, a student in California has gone and recreated the magic in the sweetest way.

The story went viral, becoming the major talking point of the film until Condon and Gad exhausted of the subject, insisting it had been "blown out of proportion".

"Nostalgia is a very powerful driver for these films". While Belle takes on more of the inventor roll which he previously did.

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The report further added that live action film is already "55th on the all-time domestic list at $317 million". With stunning HD quality, animation, and graphics, these films have proven quite successful, especially with young adults who are happy to see their beloved childhood stories growing up with them. One of the biggest issues I think in recreating anything, an original movie, or book are matching people's true visions, and expectations of the characters.

Watson and Stevens are nice here (even if both aren't up to the singing), and a gaggle of name players have fun in voice roles, including Ewan McGregor as candelabra Lumière, Ian McKellen as clock Cogsworth and Emma Thompson as teapot Mrs. Potts, who performs the best-known tune. The enchanted rose spells doom for the Beast as it also brings about destruction of his beloved castle.

I laughed, and to be perfectly honest, I cried. I had always loved the "bad boy" kinds of characters, even if I despised men like him in reality.

Belle trades her own personal freedom to save her father from the mess he got himself into. Hollywood Reporter writer Pamela McClintock noted at the end of summer 2016 that the gross of many movies during that season plummeted during their second weekend and Jeff Bock, a box office analyst, told the Hollywood Reporter that part of the reason is there is so much competition. Most of the villagers believe her to be a attractive but unusual girl.

"With "Beauty and the Beast" there have been decades of goodwill and the Disney brand and so many more elements going into it than just the intellectual property, " Dergarabedian said. All I know for sure was that my love didn't fix him, no matter how much I wanted it to. A film worth watching for all- previous "Beauty and the Beast" fans, or not.

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