Spiders Could Eat Everyone On Earth In One Year

Posted March 30, 2017

In comparison, the population of the human world chomps its way through an estimated 400 million tons of meat and fish annually.

On the other hand, spider densities of 1000 or more individuals per square metre have been observed under certain "favourable" conditions. These spiders generally eat insects.

To simplify it: All the spiders on Earth could eat all the humans on Earth and still need to snack on, like, every deer and badger. Once you know them you can't un-know them and they will haunt your dreams.

Theoretically that means that if the spiders ever made a decision to form a spider army and attacked humanity they could eat all seven billion of us - if we just sat there and let them eat us that is. Luckily, they eat insects for the most part, although the larger ones also eat small mammals, lizards and birds.

Spiders pretty much exclusively eat other arthropods, invertebrates with exoskeletons.

Well, let's take all the spiders on earth and put them on a large scale (under a glass dome guarded by flamethrowers, sharks, and animals that eat spiders) and weigh them.

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Two European biologists found the world's spiders consume somewhere between 400 and 800 million tons of prey in any given year.

Further, study says that the total biomass of the adult's human on this planet is around 260 million tons. Some have estimated that the ant population of the globe alone could weigh the same as the human biomass, for example.

The second approach was based on prey capture observations in the field, combined with estimates of spider numbers per square meter.

According to a recent survey conducted in North Carolina homes, reported The Washington Post, spiders were discovered in 100 percent of those homes tested, including 68 percent of bathrooms and more than three quarters of bedrooms. For example, No of spiders in a square meter of land and Average the amount of food eaten by these spiders in a year. So the mass of every spider on earth is equivalent to 478 Titanics.

Because they eat around 10 percent of their body weight in food each day, that means less pests for you.

That probably doesn't help eliminate your fear of spiders, but we do have some facts that can help you be grateful for them. That's about equivalent to a 200-pound man eating 20 pounds of meat each day, which sounds like an average day for The Rock.

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