MS. PAC-MAN is Roaming The Streets in Google Maps Right Now

Posted April 01, 2017

If you tap the button, the app will whisk you to a seemingly random spot somewhere in the world for a game of Ms. Pac-Man. Then, the roads around you are converted into a Pac-Man level filled with pills and ghosts.

And don't expect it to last long- we're coming up on April Fools' Day, a common source for pranks by the internet giant. If the location now shown doesn't have enough streets to work, you can choose a random location or pick a specific city.

So now you can while the time away this weekend chasing Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde.

It's not your traditional "Ms. Pac-Man", though, as the mazes aren't symmetrical.

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Warning: It's not the easiest game to play and it's also very addictive.

Google's love of video games goes well beyond April Fools' Day.

Pac-Man, the arcade game, was first released in May 1980. If you want to give the game a really pessimistic twist, try playing in some of the locations highlighted on the Sad Topographies Instagram account.

Given that today is Friday, the temptation to procrastinate is stronger than usual, but Google Maps has seen to it that productivity is nearly certain to take a nosedive.

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