Selena Gomez Gets Candid About Conquering Her Demons and Instagram Trolls

Posted April 02, 2017

We're huge fans of all things "teen genre" here at Complex Pop-from Riverdale to The O.C.-so the minute that we hear about a new teen show (or film) dropping, you bet we're checking it out. Find out more about the actor right here. As Dylan Minnette points out, 13 Reasons Why will plunge us into the lives of the various people who may have contributed to Hannah's suicide by showing us their complexity and allowing us to really attach ourselves to them. We found Dylan Minnette [who plays Clay Jensen] in Los Angeles, California, but had to go all the way to Perth Australia via Skype for Katherine. The 24-year-old singer says her song choice was "inspired by Hannah and Clay's story".

Even though Selena is not starring on the series, the actress/singer is deeply involved. The many others who have already listened to them - or who are destined to listen to them after Clay - include Hannah's former best friend, Jessica (Alisha Boe), arrogant jock Bryce (Justin Prentice), school counsellor Mr Porter (Derek Luke) and Hannah's grief-stricken parents (Kate Walsh and Brian d'Arcy James).

"I hadn't read the book prior", Langford tells

It's a bit contrived - everyone mentioned on the tapes has received a set, and they have to pass them on (I never quite worked out who to) after listening to them in chronological order and following a printed map to landmarks around town which play a key part in Hannah's story.

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"In making it, really early on [writer] Jay Asher gave it a little seal of approval", she adds.

13 Reasons Why has the common problem of solid source material and talented cast and crew, but wobbly execution. That's kind of a blessing; it's cool to be able to have that from the writer. Each episode reveals one more person Hannah blames and builds on the world established in the previous hour, as we continually encounter new facets of Hannah's life and new characters. More specifically, why it ended.

"13 Reasons Why" tells the story of a teenage girl's death by suicide and the 13 tapes she leaves behind for the people she believes are responsible for her death. He wasn't Hannah's boyfriend, but her movie theater co-worker with a crush who may have thought it wasn't his place to press her when she was upset.

Nevertheless, the show's problems begin with a central, impossibly emo premise: A typically self-conscious yet outwardly well-adjusted student at Liberty High named Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) has committed suicide, leaving behind a shoe box full of cassette tapes (yes, in 2017) on which she recounts the ways that 13 people are collectively responsible for the 13 reasons she has made a decision to take her own life.

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