Verizon announces Yahoo-AOL merged entity to be called 'Oath'

Posted April 05, 2017

According to the Tweet that was sent out by AOL top executive Tim Armstrong, "Oath" will be responsible for more than just his division and the newest member of the family. The new Verizon-owned entity is called Oath - we'll get to mocking name that later in the post - and is the combination of AOL and Yahoo.

There are many outstanding questions left on the table: What will happen to Yahoo Mail, Finance, Weather, and a bevy of tools millions of people use?

AOL declined to comment on the Recode report.

Although the Yahoo-Verizon deal is expected to be made final this summer, it could be made official as soon as this month.

The Verizon Communications is said to create this new company Oath after the completion of the acquisition of Yahoo and AOL.

Others on Twitter noted the new AOL-Yahoo name bears a close resemblance to "OAuth", the Open Authorization standard that enables online users to access third-party services without having to re-enter passwords for those account.

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In July of past year, Verizon announced that it will acquire the core internet business of Yahoo for around $4.8 billion.

It's important to note that Verizon isn't purchasing all of Yahoo's assets. Yahoo CEO Larissa Mayer will quit the company's board.The internet business of Yahoo and AOL would be combined into a unit called Oath, US media reports said Tuesday.

Yahoo was set to be sold at $4.8 billion initially before two separate hacking attacks were discovered.

Not included in the deal are Yahoo's 15-percent stake in Chinese retail juggernaut Alibaba, and a part of Yahoo Japan, which was a joint venture with SoftBank.

The other bits of Yahoo that aren't carrying over in the transition will be renamed Altaba.

Verizon will also be investing in Yahoo and the Sunnyvale, Calif., campus, and that AOL core brands will also be moving there. That name is Altaba Inc, which isn't too much better than Oath. Though we all know nobody likes change, so we'll see how "unstopable" Oath becomes when it arrives this summer.

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