Britney Spears Concert Delays Labor Party Election in Israel

Posted April 06, 2017

Ther has been no official world from Britney Spears on the matter.

A party spokesperson told the Times of Israel that, because of the concert, there had been "a difficulty in recruiting security guards" for the election.

As a result, the polls will open for Labor voters the next day, July 4.

The site reports that the decision was made in order to "make it easier" for party members to reach polling stations.

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Labour's electoral committee said that the concert would cause traffic jams and make it hard to hire security guards for polling stations - but party activists admitted that they were also anxious that prospective voters would choose to see Spears instead. They fear that it will be too hard to provide security for two important events at once.

Britney is performing in Tel Aviv's Hayarkon Park for the first time ever on July 3 - so it's clearly a big deal.

What would you postpone to watch Britney in concert?

Britney Spears might be considering "an extended break" after her Piece Of Me residency ends its current run at the end of December, but if the headlines coming out of the worldwide press are any indication, the Blackout icon is more in demand than ever.