Wisconsin governor cancels Easter egg hunt due to manhunt

Posted April 14, 2017

Jakubowski last Tuesday burglarized The Armageddon Gun Shop in Janesville of 18 weapons and other equipment shortly after he mailed a 161-page manifesto to President Donald Trump, authorities said.

Chief Moore said they are not sure if Jakubowski is still in southern Wisconsin or if he is some place far away.

Knudson would not say why investigators believe the document is likely authentic. Witnesses saw a man stop his auto to pick up a rifle from the terrace area of the school and put it in the trunk of his vehicle before driving away. "It was just a theft", Moore said.

Authorities have been searching for the suspect, Joseph Allen Jakubowski, since a burglary April 4 at a gun shop near Janesville, about 60 miles southwest of Milwaukee.

They didn't dismiss the possibility someone is helping to hide him, but they have no information or evidence to support that.

School officials were heartened to hear that police no longer believe schools are a target. He said investigators still want people to call in tips even if they are not sure if it's anything. Many schools are on spring break this week, but some of those that are in session are continuing to take extra precautions to keep students safe, including an increase in local patrols.

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That's according to a portion of the manifesto that Milwaukee television station WTMJ says it obtained and verified with an unidentified law enforcement official.

The screed targets government in general, contemporary society, mass marketing and "the lie of currency", among other things. I am a felon by the systems of records and beliefs!.

"There seems to be a larger federal concern". Jakubowski spoke of a "revolution" and "time for change" in a Facebook video recorded a week before the gun store robbery. "It was mailed to Washington". Law enforcement did not release that exerpt and will not do so due to the ongoing investigation. "He's always been anti-police", McLean said.

In the most pressing passages highlighted by law enforcement Jakubowski speaks of his death, not making any specific threats but asking to be killed personally by the president. "We will ensure that people can worship in a peaceful manner and safely". The complaint said Jakubowski had moved out her residence on the morning of the burglary and that the sister came across what appeared to be a drafted apology letter to the gun shop's owner. He said it may be the one tip that gets him into custody.

McLean said he became Jakubowski's stepfather when he was around a year old. It says Jakubowski is willing to die if it happens through the intervention of the president, and on live television.

"Right now we don't have the information or the evidence of anybody who is assisting him, " he said.