Elon Musk says Tesla pickup and semi-trucks are coming

Posted April 15, 2017

So there is no saying what kind of schedule Tesla's electric semi-pickup truck will follow once it is released in September.

However, analysts are concerned the company will not meet demand for its current projects.

Tesla is all ready to catalyze manufacturers and consumers to transition to electric vehicles more rapidly by coming up with compelling electric vehicles to market and Semi is a key part of this plan. Its due to go into production later this year.

Musk didn't mention autonomous driving technology directly, but it's likely to be included in some form, considering Tesla's cars are so far down the self-driving road. Musk noted that the team has "done an unbelievable job", suggesting that a significant portion of the work has been completed.

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Considering Musk is typically quite conservative in his tweets, it seems reasonable to assume Tesla has quite an impressive set of cards tucked up its sleeve.

The decision to release an EV pickup truck makes sense in the United States market, where the three most popular cars sold are all pickups. At the time, Tesla said its first semi truck will "deliver a substantial reduction in the cost of cargo transport, while increasing safety and making it really fun to operate".

Tesla plans to unveil an electric semi-truck later this year. First of all, it turns out the next big reveal is not the semi-confirmed Model Y crossover based on the Model 3, but the all-electric semi-truck, which was announced by the company a year ago. Tesla's stock was $304.77 a share in Thursday afternoon trading on Wall Street, valuing the company at $49.2 billion. Tesla Motors overtook General Motors to become the biggest United States automaker by market capitalization April 10, 2017, a sign of how Silicon Valley has captured investor excitement at Detroit's expense. He said the "Next gen Roadster would be convertible" and the final unveiling of the Model 3 will be in July.