Rod Carew's heart transplant came from late Ravens player Konrad Reuland

Posted April 16, 2017

"I had laid my right ear on his heart all day and just listened to his heartbeat", Konrad's mom, Mary, said. That came in the form of Reuland, whose family was saying its final goodbyes to the young man in a hospital nearby. Four days later, Carew received a heart, kidney and new chance at life.thanks to Reuland.

Reuland died on December 12 from complications of a brain aneurysm he suffered in November and was out of professional football at the time, having bounced around the league for five seasons as a tight end. The Heart Association story notes that when he was about 11 years old, Reuland had met Carew at school and gushed about it the rest of the day.

On March 2, the Carews and Reulands got together. "You never know, it could be time for a comeback". I want to be a pro-athlete.

Carew was determined to be a match and on December 16 received Reuland's kidney and heart. He also spent time with the San Francisco 49ers and Indianapolis Colts.

The only details the Carew family received before the transplant were that the donor was "male, late 20s, local, exceptionally healthy".

Mary Reuland told the Ravens' website that she still remembers the day nearly 20 years ago that her son came home from school after meeting Carew.

The American Heart Association said Reuland's family and Carew met last month.

"We are so appreciative, so thankful, so there aren't satisfactory words", Rhonda Crew told the Reulands.

"You're part of our family now", she told the Baltimore Ravens' website.

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Last fall, Reuland was on a treadmill when he experienced a severe headache. The aneurysm, an expanding in a vein in his mind, burst a couple days after the fact. She read news articles online and noted that the circumstances had to be more than a coincidence.

Carew suffered a massive heart attack in 2015.

. He put in a year with a left ventricular help gadget in his trunk taking care of the work of his harmed heart. By Dec. 9, he was moved to a higher priority on the list and had Reuland's heart a week later.

For Reuland's mom, this was too much of a coincidence. Once again, she heard her son's heart pumping.

Both families need to urge more individuals to wind up organ contributors. It wasn't until weeks later that Reuland's mother Mary was able to connect the dots, and later confirm her son's heart and kidney had indeed gone to Carew.

Experts estimate in Maryland alone, 3800 people are waiting for a transplant.

The Carews initially had no information about the donor other than the man's age.

According to the Ravens, Reuland's second kidney went to a 60-year-old woman.

He and his wife, Rhonda, eventually struck up a partnership with the American Heart Association, founding a campaign called "The Heart of 29". The number "29" stems from Carew's baseball jersey number, but holds extra meaning as it is the age Reuland passed away at.

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