Facebook Messenger 2.0 adds AI and bot support

Posted April 19, 2017

Bots will become a bigger part of the Messenger gaming experience too, to make it more social, and friends can be invited to play by tapping on the Games tab on the app home screen, a feature now being rolled out. The chatbot will encourage customers at The Cheesecake Factory, Subway and FreshDirect to order through the messenger platform for a frictionless shopping experience. Previously, bots were things you engaged with one-on-one. "Through this commerce-enabled bot we are able to leverage a new engagement channel with our guests". With the ScribbleChat bot, you can now virtually send emotions with "handwritten" text, emojis and interactive animations to more accurately convey real tone and sentiment in digital conversations. Notable announcements include a Discovery tab in Messenger for finding more bots, QR code support, "Chat Extensions" that add bots into a group conversation, FAQ for bots, a VR demo, and more ways to use the M personal assistant. He added that more than two billion messages are sent monthly between people and businesses, more than double previous year.

The bots support all Masterpass-enabled wallets from banks including Citi and Capital One.

So for now, Facebook is focusing on making Messenger easier to navigate. Additionally, for a money transfer bot like Western Union's, "mouth to mouth is very powerful", Almeida noted.

"We are proud to introduce the MoneyGram Sendbot to offer our customers more choice and convenience when they need to send money", said Youri Bebic, MoneyGram's head of product innovation.

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"We're thrilled to be one of the first retailers to use this new feature and we have a great partner in mode.ai", said Brett Trent, Chief Marketing Officer at rue21. In a group thread, for instance, if someone says, 'hey, we should get pizza, ' M Suggestions now will suggest a nearby merchant you can order from via Delivery.com. There's also a dedicated button at the bottom of the app so you know they exist. From there, you can link your PayPal account. This is available in the USA where delivery.com serves. It's a frightening thought, but it's possible. You can search for bots, view trending bots, and tap open recently used bots. Then, combine them with peer-to-peer payment systems seems natural. The company is using four cameras to simultaneously track the movements of a headset-wearing user in a physical space.

ABOUT MODE.AI mode.ai is in the business of building AI-powered visual bots for retailers (B2B2C offering).

Furthermore, bots don't require you to download anything.

Instead, he focuses on understanding what people want to do in the app.