Heroes of the Storm: New Skins for Hanamura Auriel, Zarya, and Genji

Posted April 19, 2017

Genji in Heroes of the Storm is largely a carbon copy of the Overwatch character of the same name, bringing with him abilities from the multiplayer shooter.

Genji is a quick melee assassin hero, just like he is in Overwatch.

Swift Strike: Dash forward, dealing 215 damage to all enemies in a line.

As is the norm, a new map will also be accompanying his entry into Overwatch- Hanamura, which is based on his eponymous homeland, and which will provide for two lane combat, significantly mixing things up from the norm. It'll be the very first update to add any Overwatch Map to the game.

Heroes of the Storm's version of Genji closely resembles how he plays in Overwatch. Lastly, a new hero will be introduced on May 4 in "Heroes of the Storm". The slashes will then detonate, causing 270 damage to those caught in the blast.

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Right now, Blizzard haven't announced a public release date for Hanamura or Genji, but stick with Cultured Vultures for more news on the update once it becomes available to us! In total, four characters can now be controlled in Heroes of the Store.

Blizzard is famous for crossovers between their incredibly popular IPs.

The "Heroes of the Storm 2.0" is expected to be live by tomorrow according to the schedule released by Blizzard. The current level caps of 40 for players in general and 20 for individual heroes will be removed as part of the update, and the uneven experience curve for leveling heroes will be fixed. During the time its active, DragonBlade can also be reactivated in order to lunge and slash the enemies in a big arc pattern. The chests will be provided as a reward for leveling up and allow players to get their hands on new heroes, skins, and mounts.

Both his Dragonblade and X-Strike heroic abilities are really scary.

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