Doctor removed from United Airlines flight files to preserve possible evidence

Posted April 20, 2017

Kimmel took aim at the airline's decision to overbook the flight - a common practice that went awry this time around. "And this can never, will never, happen again on a United Airlines flight". "If I'd waited five more minutes, she said, 'That would have been you on TV'".

Who's on that list depends on some factors required by law, some factors required by the airline and some factors related to the airline's efforts to keep its best customers happy.

Hours later on Monday, his tone turned defensive. That is not who our family at United is. You saw us at a bad moment. Passengers said blood dripped from his mouth after he hit his head on an armrest.

Munoz said his initial response "fell short" of expressing how he felt. "Probably the word "ashamed" comes to mind", he said in the interview.

But once police were aboard the plane, it would have been hard to walk away, especially if they did not know why the passenger was asked to leave, said Kevin Murphy, executive director of the Airport Law Enforcement Agencies Network.

He said he has unsuccessfully tried to reach the passenger to apologize directly.

"The last thing a paying airline passenger should expect is a physical altercation with law enforcement personnel after boarding, especially one that could likely have been avoided", they said.

The code specifies that passengers who are on an overbooked or canceled flight are entitled to either a seat with another flight, a purchased seat on another carrier with which the airline has an agreement, or a refund on the ticket. United did not return CNN's request for comment.

The doctor was seen on cellphone videos recorded by other passengers at O'Hare Airport.

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Two additional Chicago Department of Aviation officers have been placed on administrative leave in the wake of an incident on a United Airlines flight bound for Louisville, the department announced Wednesday.

Fearns said that all went smoothly until after he had boarded the plane and was sitting in his seat, awaiting takeoff.

"He was very emphatic: 'I can't be late". I'm a doctor. I've got to be there tomorrow, ' " Anspach recalled.

The video showed a disturbing scene of Dao being yanked from his seat and dragged off the plane with blood on his face.

"The Department remains committed to ensuring that airlines comply with consumer protection regulations and will not speculate during the review process on this matter", it said.

How many times in the a year ago has United Airlines removed a passenger that has already boarded a plane due to overbooking or other reasons outside the customer's control?

He was left bloodied after the Sunday evening incident at Chicago Airport and the footage provoked global outrage, reported CBS News.

The video shows the officer telling Dao he will have to "drag" him from his seat, adding that "this can be a lot harder" if he didn't cooperate.

Dao told WLKY, a local Kentucky station, on Tuesday that he was still being treated at a Chicago hospital for injuries he suffered. Some protested by cutting up their United mileage cards.

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