Nintendo Switch shipped 2.74m units in its first month

Posted April 28, 2017

The fastest selling game for Nintendo console was "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" which sold approximately 1.3 million units. And Nintendo expects to sell about 35 million Switch games, overall, in the coming fiscal year.

For the 12-month period beginning this month, Nintendo expects to see operating profit of Yen65 billion yen ($585 million) on revenue of Yen750 billion, the company said. The last time Nintendo's sales grew was in the year ended March 2009, when Wii demand drove profit to a record 555 billion yen.

Pokémon GO led to increased sales of software in the Pokémon series and drove the Nintendo 3DS family hardware sales growth outside of Japan. Pokemon Sun and Moon is also close to surpassing Pokemon Black and White's 15.64 million sales mark. In addition, we will maintain favorable conditions surrounding Nintendo Switch by providing a continuous stream of appealing third-party titles across varying genres.

Analysts at Morgan Stanley only expected guidance of 8.7 million Switch units for the first fiscal year.

In total, Nintendo has sold 2.74 million Switch consoles worldwide in less than a month.

For the current (2017-18) fiscal year Nintendo is estimates net sales of 750bn yen and an operating profit of 65bn yen.

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Switch software is likewise off to a great start.

Wondering how the Switch is doing around the world?

Nintendo has shared some pretty significant statistics regarding the Switch and Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild as a part of its financial results today.

Assuming Zelda is one of those games for almost everyone - which is fair speculation based on the performance so far - that means Nintendo will need a couple more hits for this year. There's only one way for Nintendo to keep a healthy pace of sales: software. Do you think the Switch will outsell the Wii U in its first year? The company's last console update failed to do the business, so Nintendo needed the Switch to succeed in a big way. Super Mario Run was also mentioned, but no numbers were listed for the game. Currently, many investors are wondering whether Nintendo Switch will outpace the sales for the Wii on a long term.

Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto has explained in a new interview the company hopes its Nintendo NX console is a bigger hit. Which comes as a bit of a surprise, given Nintendo's stated intentions for indie developers at the onset of the new console's release.

This all compares to the Wii U, which saw massive declines across the board.

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