Trump says North Korea's Kim Jong-un is a 'pretty smart cookie'

Posted May 06, 2017

It came just hours after US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson addressed the UN Security Council for the first time, called for a global campaign of pressure on Pyongyang - with China playing a major role - to halt its nuclear and ballistic missile programs. "But eventually, he'll have good missiles".

It reportedly blew up just seconds after take-off, increasing speculation that the U.S. military has been causing North Korea's recent failed missile launches.

'It is a chess game. "Eventually, he will have a better delivery system".

Japanese media said the destroyer is set to escort the USA supply ship in the Pacific Ocean south of Tokyo later on Monday in the first such operation since it passed controversial security laws allowing Japan's military a greater role in overseas activity.

President Donald Trump said on Twitter, "North Korea disrespected the wishes of China & its highly respected President when it launched, though unsuccessfully, a missile today".

North Korea said the bombers conducted "a nuclear bomb dropping drill against major objects" in its territory at a time when Trump and "other USA warmongers are crying out for making a preemptive nuclear strike" on the North. He says North Korea poses "a grave threat" not just to the United States and its Asian allies, but also to China.

Speaking on Fox News Sunday, Mr McMaster said it was important "for all of us to confront this regime, this regime that is pursuing the weaponisation of a missile with a nuclear weapon. This is something that we know we can not tolerate".

But, so far, perhaps nothing's happened.

North Korea issues direct criticism of China amid nuke dispute
Many fear that North Korea is preparing to conduct its sixth nuclear test in defiance of UN Security Council resolutions. Pacific Command said Tuesday it sent the Los Angeles-class attack submarine USS Cheyenne to the U.S.

North Korea launched a ballistic missile Friday, but the weapon failed.

Residents in the village of Seongj, where the missile defense system is being installed, scuffled with police on Sunday.

Trump raised eyebrows in South Korea last week when he said would make Seoul pay $1 billion for the missile defense system.

"Frankly, this should've been done by the Obama administration".

Asked if that meant military action, the USA president replied: "I don't know, I mean, we'll see".

"I don't see this happening anytime soon". US officials said that missile spun out of control and crashed into the sea.

In the interview with Face the Nation, the President was asked why North Korea's rockets keep blowing up. North Korean ballistic missile tests are banned by the United Nations because they're seen as part of the North's push for a nuclear-tipped missile that can hit the USA mainland.

In a show of force, the United States is sending the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier group to waters off the Korean peninsula, where it will join the USS Michigan, a nuclear submarine that docked in South Korea on Tuesday. How are you sure that they're not using this as a way to test you?

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