'Veep' stars respond to Australian injured while laughing

Posted May 06, 2017

American political satirical comedy "Veep" gave new meaning to the phrase "had me in stitches" when an Australian MP laughed so hard watching the show that he choked on his food and knocked himself out against a kitchen top.

As reported in the Australian's Strewth column on Thursday, he incurred a black eye and required three stitches as a result of his unfortunate "intersection of comedy, dinner and a kitchen bench".

Perrett responded that he was watching the season premiere, specifically the scene in which Congressman Jonah Ryan (played by Timothy Simons) is shown shaving his head in order to garner public public sympathy by faking cancer. "But the real question is - what episode?", she wrote. I was knocked out for a second or so and there was blood everywhere. Where Jonah has the close shave.

"Be careful if you're eating watching a very amusing TV show!"

Mr Perrett responded to confirm it happened, adding: "Pure gold, your highness!"

After BuzzFeed News assured Veep showrunner David Mandel that the story was true, he apologised to Australia and Perrett.

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The actor responsible for the laughing-choking accident also responded on Twitter, with Simons tweeting: "oh my god. oh my god".

"We'll tone it down a bit next year for this guys sake or maybe send him some edited eps", he tweeted.

@KateAurthur @MarkDiStef hahahahahahaha oh my god.

The news earned the injured pol a response from star Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

"When the world is boring, the comedy bar is lower, [but] politicians keep doing stupid/crazy and amusing things".

Veep, created by British satirist Armando Iannucci, is a USA political satire which evolved from Iannucci's British sitcomThe Thick Of It. Veep is in its sixth season, but Iannucci has said he's unlikely to make any more as real U.S. politics now defy satire.

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