Xamarin Live Player (almost) takes the Mac out of iOS development

Posted May 13, 2017

VentureBeat reported earlier today that "At Microsoft's Build 2017 developer conference, its biggest Visual Studio news wasn't even for its own platform: Visual Studio 2017 for Mac has hit general availability (download here, requires OS X El Capitan 10.11 or higher)".

Scott Hanselman, a principal program manager at Microsoft, delivered the news during a demonstration of how developers can use the company's integrated development environment (IDE) offerings and its Azure cloud resources, including the new browser-based Azure Cloud Shell command line interface within the Azure Portal, to build and publish applications to the cloud. While this should streamline the development process, it's worth noting that a Mac is still required to submit an app to the App Store. ASP.NET Core 2.0 Preview gains performance enhancements and Razor Pages, a syntax for combining HTML and server code. Xamarin Live Player removes that requirement and instead asks you for an iPhone and Visual Studio 2017 for Windows.

E-Book and digital comic developers that made apps for iOS normally had to buy a MAC in order to write and test their code.

Microsoft has had a couple of Apple-related announcements up its sleeve during Build so far, including the launch of Visual Studio 2017 for Mac on day one. These apps allow you to write, execute, and debug code continuously on an iOS or Android device straight from the IDE. Here is a much closer look at Visual Studio. On Thursday, the company unveiled a series of apps and services, including one that's created to let Windows-based developers test iOS apps from their PCs.

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Microsoft released the initial preview version of Visual Studio for macOS last November.

In addition, Live Player also has support for a Live Run feature, which lets developers pick particular screens within their applications, and then test how changes will display on a mobile device.

Xamarin Live Player allows developers to simply download an Android or iOS app and start coding.

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