Melissa McCarthy Joins Five-Timers Club On 'SNL'

Posted May 17, 2017

Stephen Colbert has many quarrels with President Donald Trump, but his latest plea with POTUS is simple: Do not fire Sean Spicer.

"Only since you started working here", "Trump" promises. And that's when we're gifted with a montage of an angst-ridden "Spicer" rolling through the streets of New York City on that motorized podium screaming at the taxis and cars speeding past her.

Spicer then cranked up his motorized podium and hit the road in NY to confront Trump and find out if the president has, in fact, been feeding him lies. He now takes a dim view of the show, which has also regularly featured an unflattering portrayal of him by Alec Baldwin wearing orange make-up. Trump offers to let him stay for a kiss, like the one in the Godfather, and Spicer reluctantly obliges with a full on make-out scene to close the sketch.

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Otherwise, the outcome won't only affect Turkey, a negative outcome will also emerge for the United States". Erdogan accused the Trump administration on Wednesday of siding with terrorists.

"Trump is innocent", McCarthy's Spicer proclaims about the president's connection to Russian Federation. As usual, he's all eye rolls and denials whenever someone else speaks - until he's asked about the persistent rumor that he's on his way out of the White House. Period. Then he hired lawyers to agree with him. Now, as if things couldn't get worse for Spicer, Melissa McCarthy is here to remind him how ridiculous that was. "And hey, if you're concerned that when exposed to the outdoors, the image will run worries, that's exactly what Sean Spicer does, so it's totally authentic!" McCarthy asked, to which Reynolds deadpanned, "You invited us". But far and away Saturday's fan favorite was McCarthy's "Sean Spicer Returns" sketch, during which the show mercilessly skewered the chaos that followed Comey's Tuesday dismissal. Trump might be canceling the Spicer show.

"I guess the L.A Times said that somebody had seen one alongside the highway down by Santa Monica, and some other guy went over in Washington D.C. and got his picture outside the Watergate hotel", Kadonaga told The Canadian Press Sunday night.

That wasn't the only sketch for Baldwin's Trump. "I need to find Trump!" The faux President also opened the show in an interview with NBC anchor Lester Holt, who was played by Michael Che. "Where am I going to get my daily dose of veiled anger and condescension?"

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