Twitter reacts to Spurs getting blown out without Kawhi Leonard

Posted May 18, 2017

The Spurs were leading by 23 points at the time, but with Leonard unable to play the Warriors came back to win a 113-111 thriller.

It's important to note this is the same ankle Leonard rolled in Game 5 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals.

"Lead with your foot close-out is not appropriate".

Iguodala is a calming presence for Golden State, but they were able to win without him in Game 1. You still go to jail, I think, when you're texting and you end up killing somebody but you might not have meant to do that.

"I said, 'I'm trying to get to the game.' So I let the bus go, and the 18 cops, and I'm going around behind the bus". Many thought that Game 6 in Houston would be a formality and while even Spurs fans were getting hyped for a Game 7, the Spurs blew the Rockets out on the road to close out the series. Who gives a damn about what his intent was. You ever hear of manslaughter? It's onto a new series, so I don't see how you can get overconfident playing a new team.

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) - Steve Kerr provided a strong message, just not from his usual spot on the bench: Play with urgency from the opening tip this time.

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"I don't think we believed", the veteran coach said.

"I don't agree with the calls that I'm a dirty player". In a much more damaging blow, the San Antonio Spurs will be without Kawhi Leonard. "We can't ease into the game", Brown said of his ailing boss' address to the team in the locker room before the game.

He missed a handful of games earlier in the season with a shoulder injury, which forced Golden State to replace him with a by-committee approach.

I don't care. If it's dirty, it's dirty and legislate it out of the game. You still go to jail if you're texting and you kill somebody.

The only player he exempted from this analysis was Jonathan Simmons, who replaced Leonard in the starting lineup and finished with 22 points in 25 minutes.

In Game 2, the Spurs are facing the tall task of stealing a game on the road without Kawhi. The Dubs will be without Andre Iguodala. The Spurs were outscored 58-33 after Leonard left as they could not survive without their best offensive and defensive player. We saw how the San Antonio's fate turned upside down in the third quarter, and a full matchup of that kind of unimaginative effort will quickly turn the second game into a blow-out.

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