Macron to take over from Hollande on May 14

Posted May 20, 2017

Monday was the first time Macron and Hollande had appeared in public together since Macron resigned in August 2016 as Hollande's economy minister to run for president - a decision that was received coldly by the French leader at the time.

Macron, 39, founded his centrist En Marche (On The Move) movement of mostly political neophytes just a year ago on a promise to inject new blood into France's discredited political class.

Anti-capitalist candidate Melenchon - who won seven million votes in the April 23 first round - is also angling for the consolation prize of opposition leader.

Pro European centrist leader Emmanuel Macron was elected as President of France last week.

"This vote was in large majority against Marine Le Pen, and I think a lot of people who voted for Macron will go into the streets to protest against his policies, because this was not a vote for him but a vote against the other candidate", Ivanhoe Govoroff, a French journalist, told DW.

Macron is scheduled to attend a series of events and ceremonies with outgoing president Francois Hollande on Monday.

On Monday, though, Hollande gripped Macron's arm before the two men walked side by side and then announced the transfer of power would take place Sunday. But a high number of blank or spoiled votes and unusually low turnout are signs of an electorate dissatisfied with its choices.

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The French president-elect, Emmanuel Macron, plans to visit German Chancellor Angela Merkel shortly after his inauguration, according to Sylvie Goulard, a member of the European Parliament and a close confidante of Macron.

While Macron did promise to combat worldwide terrorism and climate change in his first public remarks as president-elect, his first big challenge lies at home.

"This Socialist Party is dead, it is behind us", Valls added Tuesday.

"Le Pen's most notable accomplishment is her dramatic expansion of the party's base, broadening its appeal in a way her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, never could during his almost 40 years leading the National Front, a process that involved quite literally throwing him out of the party and working to expel its other anti-Semitic elements", The Atlantic's Emily Schultheis wrote.

Trump, who had hinted at support for Le Pen during the campaign, tweeted congratulations to Macron on a "big win" and said he looked forward to working with him.

Macron's victory is a relief for Germany, the main defender of the European Union against rising anti-establishment sentiment on the right and left of the political spectrum.

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