Federal Bureau of Investigation probe moves into White House

Posted May 23, 2017

On Wednesday, Rosenstein appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller as a special counsel to take over and continue the Justice Department investigation into Russian election interference and possible links with Trump campaign aides. Trump himself had already contradicted that explanation, telling interviewers earlier that he had already chose to dismiss Comey.

The Washington Post meanwhile said the Federal Bureau of Investigation has identified an unnamed senior White House official as a "significant person of interest" in its sprawling probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Upon leaving an all-members meeting with Rosenstein Friday, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Rosenstein told members "he has no evidence that Comey asked for additional resources".

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told Congress he stands by a memo he wrote that the White House has cited as a justification for the firing last week of FBI Director James Comey.

Comey will certainly be asked about encounters that precipitated his firing, including a January dinner in which, Comey has told associates, Trump asked for his loyalty.

But that fable pales in comparison to the official administration explanations following President Donald Trump's private Oval Office meeting with Russia's foreign ministry and its ambassador to the USA earlier this month.

"Believe me, there's no collusion", Trump said.

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A black Texas congressman said Saturday that he's been threatened with lynching by callers infuriated over him seeking impeachment of President Donald Trump. White House staffers, shell-shocked from the daily barrage of bad news, were soldiering on, trying to keep the focus on a trip that could bring some significant achievements.

Trump reportedly added, "I'm not under investigation". "The investigation would have always continued, and obviously the termination of Comey would not have ended it". Trump has insisted at times that the decision was his alone, but he also has pointed to the "very strong" recommendation from Rosenstein.

"The Committee looks forward to receiving testimony from the former Director on his role in the development of the Intelligence Community Assessment on Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. elections, and I am hopeful that he will clarify for the American people recent events that have been broadly reported in the media", Intelligence Chairman Sen.

Under this strategy, the sources said the administration would raise the issue in press conferences and public statements.

Trump has reacted furiously to the appointment but Democrats and even many Republicans have generally welcomed it.

Trump decried the appointment of the special counsel as "the single greatest witch-hunt" in United States history.

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