London Bridge incident is 'potential act of terrorism', says Theresa May

Posted June 04, 2017

London police say they are responding to reports that a vehicle hit pedestrians on London Bridge and that there were stabbings at busy Borough Market nearby.

Jihadi terrorists shouting "this is for Allah" have reportedly killed seven people after stabbing revellers with 12-inch hunting knives after mowing down up to 20 people with a white van on London Bridge.

In the incident at Borough Market, a nearby area that houses many food stalls and pubs and is popular with tourists, Metropolitan police said armed officers had been sent to the area after reports of stabbings at a restaurant.

Roberts said he heard what sounded like gunshots about 10 minutes later. "The Uber stopped, we asked people what was going on - people said there was shooting", said Yoann Belmere, 40, a French banker living in London.

Casualties were seen being taken away from Tito's restaurant on London Bridge Street with blood on the steps of the eatery.

Jamie, a witness who was in Black & Blue in Rochester Walk said: 'We hid under the table and people came into the restaurant and knocked a bunch of stuff over, like the till. "Multiple resources attending an incident at #LondonBridge, please avoid the area". The witness said the van hit five to six people.

'And then we ran into the the kitchen, where there was a bunch of other people and a guy had been stabbed and he was cut and he was bleeding quite a lot'. They just went randomly along Borough High Street stabbing people, ' he said.

Germany detains Syrian teen allegedly planning Berlin attack
The attack, carried out by a young Tunisian man who had been denied asylum in Germany, was claimed by the Islamic State group. Police say the boy, whom they did not name, migrated to Germany illegally in 2015 before registering as an asylum seeker.

London Bridge and the area around it has been closed due to a "major police incident", TFL said.

Police told people in the area to "run as fast as you can". The van reportedly hit several people, and the witness said he then saw several bodies on the ground that were not moving.

One witness told the BBC it was possible some pedestrians had gone over the side of the bridge and into the Thames River below. Officers rushed into Katzenjammers bar and ordered people to sit on the floor, patron Paul Connell told CNN.

Witnesses Alex Shellum was in The Mudlark pub, close to London Bridge, at around 10pm when a woman in her early 20s "staggered into the pub".

In March, a British convert to Islam ran down people with a vehicle on Westminster Bridge, killing four, then stabbed a policeman to death outside Parliament.

The incident comes less than two weeks after 22 people were killed in a bomb blast following a Manchester concert.

A benefit concert for victims of that attack was scheduled for Sunday in Manchester.

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