Amazon Prime Video Is Coming to Apple TV

Posted June 12, 2017

Among the other software announcements, the entry of Amazon Prime - which Cook called a creator of great original content - into Apple TV was significant.

Last year, Apple added third-party apps support to Siri.

It's quite the ketchup bottle effect: with nothing arriving for a long while, the amount of new hardware suddenly released in front of 5300 conference goers at Apple's annual Worldwide Developer Conference in San Jose was a surprise. In the past, Apple users had to use AirPlay project Amazon Prime Video onto a television screen. Though there's a lot of content available through Apple TV and the TV app, Amazon Prime has always been noticeably missing, just as Apple TV has never been available through Amazon's storefront. Although both companies have yet to give an update on the issue, things are likely to change now that Amazon and Apple have come to an agreement.

APPLE has revealed a host of new products at WWDC 2017 and here's everything you need to know.

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Leading VR companies are joining Apple to drive VR innovation on the Mac with features coming later this year - Valve is optimizing their SteamVR platform for macOS and enabling connection of the HTC Vive headset, while Unity and Epic are bringing their VR development tools to macOS. In 2015, Amazon went so far as to pull listings for the Apple TV from its online store.

I mean, who wouldn't want an iMac that can have up to 18 cores of Intel Xeon processor goodness, and 128GB of memory, not to mention AMD Pro Vega graphics? The smaller models are mainly getting graphics upgrades while the 27-inch 5K iMac will also get a power boost up to 5.5-teraflops so it can handle virtual reality development. The Apple TV app will presumably have the same limitations.

You'll be able to ask Siri, "How do you say this in Chinese?" and it will speak it. Languages include Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish, with more coming in the future. Apple was late in introducing a speaker to consumers. However, this new announcement points towards a new deal between the two.

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