Detroit Become Human Trailer From E3 2017

Posted June 14, 2017

After Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls made gamers ponder moral quandries, the new Detroit: Become Human will ask what it is to be human at all.

David Cage's new neo-noir thriller, Detroit Being Human, has showcased a new story trailer at Sony's E3 Press Conference. As such, the plot revolves around several playable characters. As he does, he is found out by police, showing that player will be able to hide in plain sight, run, and even attack the police forces who have their mind set on stopping you. It has been said that the story will lead to various different endings as well. From there, he awakens the other Androids and inspires them to follow him on a revolution across Detroit. A poorly judged situation could cost someone their life and no-one gets a second chance. Just like Days Gone, Detroit Become Human still hasn't received a proper release date yet and the reason for this is the ambitious nature of the game, which makes it one big project for Quantic Dreams. It's really about choice, as all David Cage games are.

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The Markus trailer, visible below, further throws the fate of androids in society into question, with his anti-ownership campaign being shown as spiralling to violent protest, or crude mass-activation and liberation of unpurchased androids.