Paradox Interactive announce Cities: Skylines Playstation 4 Edition

Posted June 22, 2017

Cities: Skylines has been available on PC for a while now, and the game got a release on Xbox One earlier this year.

In this case it's Paradox Interactive, with some help from Tantalus Media, who are working on bringing an enhanced version of Cities: Skylines to the PS4.

Check out the announcement trailer embedded above and let us know if you'll be digging into this title come 15 August. Among other features, the expansion adds a day-night cycle to the game, which affects various factors of cities that players will be building. Design, build, and manage the city of your dreams, from public services to civic policies, and challenge yourself to grow from a simple town to a bustling metropolitan hub. The options for creations are limitless, from an industrial smog filled city to a small beach side tourist town, everything is possible.

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The highly acclaimed city builder from Colossal Order, Cities: Skylines, is finally making it's way onto PS4. Bring education, healthcare and safety to your citizens. The game will be titled Cities: Skylines - PlayStation 4 Edition and will contain both the original game and the After Dark expansion.

Extensive local traffic simulation: Managing traffic and the needs of your citizens to work and play will require the use of several interactive transport systems - use careful road planning alongside buses, trains, subways, and much more.

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