Seattle Shooting Raises Questions About Officers' De-Escalation Efforts

Posted June 23, 2017

Her brother, Domico Jones, said that Lyles "was not a person you would fear or feel intimidated by" and that she was anxious the authorities wanted to take away her children, including a toddler with Down's Syndrome.

"She called for a DV".

Ganser, who noted that she had never met Lyles, said she was also diagnosed with a mental illness. Officers are heard shouting "get back!" and the woman saying "do it! do it!"

"There were several children inside the apartment at the time of the shooting, but they were not injured", the department said on its blotter. Seattle police have said officers responding to a burglary c.

"After talking with Lyles' family, we learned that Lyles has experienced a recent sudden and rapid decline in her mental health", Lim wrote.

Monday, authorities released the audio recording, which came from a patrol car's dashboard-mounted camera. He promised a full and thorough investigation, citing "historic police reforms" that are "in place to address such crises". The officers will be placed on paid administrative leave during the investigation, the police department said in its statement.

The recording depicts officers chatting with Lyles about the burglary call.

"She let them in, then she started talking all insane about how the officers weren't gonna leave", one of the officers says, referencing a previous call.

"I listened to the audio time and time again and got the same impression of just how quickly things changed", Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole said.

The initial conversation between the pregnant woman and the two Seattle police officers seemed polite, professional and calm. But Lyles' family have criticized officers' decision to use deadly force, as opposed to less-lethal options like a taser. Police were responding to a burglary call and claimed the woman brandished a knife before officers shot and killed her. "They could have taken her down". The woman also made "unusual comments" about wanting to "morph into a wolf" and "cloning her daughter", the report said.

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The shooting is now the 453rd person to be fatally shot by USA police this year, according to a database gathered by the Washington Post. She pleaded not guilty to two counts harassment and obstructing a police officer at her arraignment the next day.

Police say the officers went to the apartment Sunday morning, and, at some point, were confronted by a woman armed with a knife.

The four-minute audio from Sunday's incident opens with the two officers conversing en route to Lyles' apartment about a separate event, two weeks before, in which Lyle was arrested for threatening responding police with a pair of scissors. Family members have questioned why police didn't use non-lethal options when they knew Lyles had been struggling with mental health issues.

The officers get her name then she invites them into her house to show them that some of her possessions were missing.

"Do our lives really matter to them?"

Before entering her apartment, officers can be heard on audio recording saying Charleena had been "talking all insane about how the officers weren't gonna leave".

"Get back!" the officers can be heard saying, before the loud sounds of multiple gunshots occur, and the audio abruptly stops.

- At least two of her children were at home during the shooting.

Attorney James Bible said Tuesday that family members are heartbroken and hurting over the death of 30-year-old Charleena Lyles, a pregnant mother of four other children. At the end of the video, an officer can be seen partially backing out of the doorway with his arms raised.

Mayor Ed Murray called the shooting of Lyles a tragedy. "This will be fully investigated", Murray said.

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