Democrats Play Blame Game With Pelosi After Georgia Election - To GOP's Glee

Posted June 26, 2017

The response from some: It better be.

Republicans won two seats in the U.S. House late Tuesday, defeating Democrats in SC and also in the most expensive U.S. House race in history, Georgia's 6th Congressional District.

The California Democrat has always been a boogeywoman Republicans have used to motivate their base and to woo independents as the personification of liberal values and a reminder of why even if they may like their individual member or candidate, a vote for that Democrat would be a step toward putting Pelosi back in the speaker's chair.

Pelosi told fellow House Democrats in a letter Wednesday, "The House was in play before the Georgia race".

"I'd like to keep her right where she is, because our record is extraordinary against her", he told Fox on Friday.

"What's really important is that Donald Trump has seized the narrative back, that he's doing better with the voters than Democrats think he is", he said.

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in a press conference.

"Republicans have done the targeting of whoever is the Democratic leader from the days of Tip O'Neill, and since the speakership of Newt Gingrich, the politics of personal destruction has been a Republican hallmark", he said.

A dozen House Democrats huddled in the office of New York Rep. Kathleen Rice - an outspoken Pelosi critic - on Thursday afternoon, among them Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton and Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan.

In the wake of Tuesday's results, commentators have focused on Democrats' losing streak across the four recent special elections: in races to replace Republican congressmen appointed to the Trump Administration, Democrats have lost by single-digit margins in Kansas, Montana, and now the Deep South.

"I'm sure that Nancy Pelosi believes that she is the one that can lead this party". "We will take the many lessons learned from Georgia's 6th District and apply them to the battlefield, which consists of many districts that are fundamentally far more competitive". So it's time for change.

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Democrats say Jon Ossoff's 48 percent showing in a Republican stronghold is proof that they're actually making progress toward making Georgia a genuine battleground. Democrats have to pick up 24 House seats to get back into power. "It still moves voters", Ryan said.

But Pelosi continues to command great loyalty from many in the House, and she insisted her position was not in jeopardy.

Pelosi is a prolific fundraiser for her party, and a savvy legislator with few rivals on Capitol Hill when it comes to cutting the deals necessary to keep government in motion. Today, the GOP is only a handful of seats away from taking control.

For GOP consultants, tie-every-Democrat-to-Pelosi is a tried-and-true strategy that's been working for more than six years.

"Obviously people are very concerned about where we are and they want to have a conversation about where we need to be", Rep. Tim Ryan of OH told reporters about why the group got together.

"We're still going to be on the defense in November of 2018", with Trump a likely "liability", he added.

Before Tuesday's special election in Georgia's Sixth Congressional District, many journalists were ready to declare a victory by Democrat Jon Ossoff proof the GOP is doomed to lose its congressional majorities next year.

According to Breitbart, many celebrities shelled out cash for Ossoff, with actor Sam Waterston and actresses Jane Fonda and Kyra Sedgwick contributing to his campaign, which raised an unusually large amount of cash for a Congressional House race.

"She's easy to demonize".

Pelosi said Republicans will always make a target of Democratic leaders, saying they did so with legendary former House Speaker Tip O'Neill and many others. Simply put: Do Democrats have a message? "It's not enough to dislike Trump".

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