Nintendo Says SNES Classic Production Will Significantly Outpace NES Classic

Posted June 30, 2017

Nintendo is back again with another potential hit classic remake, "in special recognition of the fans who show tremendous interest our classic content".

The console officially launches in the U.S. on 29 September and comes in at US$80. It will feature less games than the original NES Mini, but it does have one small improvement: controller cord length. In a statement sent to Time, the gaming giant said it will ship "significantly more units" of the SNES Classic Edition than its predecessor. The short controller length of the original NES Classic was a popular complaint amongst customers, which led to some using wireless options instead. The new classic console replica, also called the "Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System" in Europe, has always been rumored to be coming. SNES players will also be given access to the intergalactic adventure "Star Fox 2", which is the sequel of the original "Star Fox" that was created during the Super NES era but was never released.

Nintendo has finally confirmed the existence of the SNES Classic, an upgrade of the NES Classic that came out last year and recently was discontinued due to supply issues earlier this year. Will Nintendo accurately forecast demand, or will this just delay shortages for a hot minute? Although Nintendo has stated that there will be more SNES Classic units available, it is unclear just how many will be in circulation. Among these include Donkey Kong Country, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Earthbound, and Star Fox.

Rather cheekily, Nintendo is selling the USB AC Adapter separately for $19.95 - if your TV doesn't have a USB port, this is required to play the system and brings the total to $139.94.

Nintendo Says SNES Classic Production Will Significantly Outpace NES Classic
Nintendo Says SNES Classic Production Will Significantly Outpace NES Classic

This time round though, there will be several cosmetic differences to the console, depending on where you buy it from.

Still, a console lives and dies by its games, and the SNES had a ton of iconic titles. It will retail for $79.99 Dollars but per a year ago, if Nintendo doesn't ship enough units, people are going to jack up the price before the holiday rush.

Even if you are playing Kirby's Dream Course, you'll at least be able to control the game from a reasonable distance this time around.

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