Terrorism, Qatar and division promise to make G20 summit a tense affair

Posted July 06, 2017

Mr Turnbull will meet with Chancellor Merkel - who says the protests are a show of democracy in action - on Thursday a day ahead of the summit, which will include discussions on terrorism, free trade, climate and energy, refugees, African development and health.

The G20 meeting follows a G7 summit in Sicily a month ago that exposed deep divisions between other Western countries and Trump on climate change, trade and migration.

Some German experts have extended hope that the upcoming Group Twenty (G20) summit can convey a positive signal boosting the globalization amid prevalence of uncertainties.

Merkel also held a pre-summit meeting last week with the event's European participants, who underscored their backing for the Paris accord to combat climate change.

Asked whether a state visit would take place during 2017, the PM's spokesman said: "We have extended an invitation, it has been accepted and we will set out plans in due course".

"We are living in the era of global interdependency, human civilization depends on global commons as the climate system, the oceans, global resources, are stability of worldwide financial markets", Messner said. But the G20 meeting in Hamburg next week will be different.

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Woodhams could not immediately be reached Monday morning to say whether the request had arrived over the weekend. But a spokeswoman for Detzner said the agency was reviewing the request.

Police said almost 10,000 people gathered outside the city hall in Hamburg while canoeists and Greenpeace activists held similar rallies in the nearby river Alster and in the city's port. Though he personally held a meeting during the campaign with the Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto for the first time since his inauguration as the duo canceled meeting in the past over the disputed border wall, popularly known as the "Trump Wall".

The BRICS leaders' informal meet will at least ensure the two leaders meet away from the formal G20 summit and give them the opportunity to directly speak to each other.

Hamburg police chief Ralf Martin Meyer admitted that this is the largest operation in the history of Hamburg's police.

On Wednesday, German police used water cannon to disperse some 500 left-wing protesters. "It is written in Hamburg's state law that Hamburg is a peaceful mediator of people's conflicts", he said.

She also called for broader registration of research organizations under Chinese laws on nongovernmental organizations, and said there were "positive signals" on that front.

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