Tom Holland Would Love To See Tobey Maguire As Uncle Ben

Posted July 17, 2017

On the flip side, with Spider-Man being such a well-known entity in this universe, criminals also have a good grasp on what he can accomplish, providing players with plenty of challenging encounters.

Despite serious reservations about the potential delivery of The Vulture in the film, Spider-Man: Homecoming has turned out to be one of the big successes of the summer blockbuster season. Additionally, it's assumed that Uncle Ben already died prior to when Holland's Spider-Man was introduced in Captain America: Civil War a year ago, and he's hardly mentioned in Spider-Man: Homecoming at all.

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, there is no direct mention to Uncle Ben but his death is hinted at when Peter alerts Ned (Jacob Batalon) that Aunt May should not know about Peter's secret given that she has been through a lot and her knowing his secret would add more stress to her life. Tobey played the role of the Marvel web-slinger from 2002-2007, in Spider-Man 1,2 and 3.

'Wonder Woman' sequel could take place during the Cold War
He took to Instagram with a picture of his character making a heart around a Wonder Woman necklace. Currently, the Gal Gadot-fronted film's global gross haul is idling right around $746 million.

The idea of Maguire stepping into the same shoes as Robertson and Sheen would be hilarious, and would also serve as a nice tribute to his iteration of the webhead. It sets things up for what will hopefully be a great new series of films, but when it comes to Spider-Man the sequels tend to ruin things in the end, so fans will have their fingers crossed for Tom Holland to become the contradiction to the rule. Director of photography Salvatore Totino captures the aerial fluidity of Spider-Man as he swings through NY with a lot of skill and understanding. It certainly aims to have a lot of fun with the character, which it does succeed at but there's more than just that.

The 21-year-old actor on Sunday was snapped looking on top of the world in Los Angeles Sunday, as he headed to a studio amid a busy weekend.

What do you make of Insomniac's take on the classic character? The film balances these elements really well. They even have Spider-Man run through the backyards in the neighbourhood in a similar fashion to Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

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