YouTube Ups Battle Against Extremism Video

Posted July 22, 2017

Under the new technology, when a potential ISIS recruit searches for extremist content, he will be directed to videos that work toward deconstructing terrorist groups. The site came under fire recently after major advertisers found their ads running alongside extremist propaganda videos. Using this data, the Redirect Method will automatically load a playlist of videos that debunk radical views and recruiting narratives when someone searches YouTube using specific terms.

As part of this experiment which kickstarts today if any potential recruit searches for extremist content using a predefined set of keywords, they will be redirected to videos that deconstruct and confront the terrorist group.

As promised, Google has unveiled one of the first few steps in its fight to halt the spread of extremist and terrorist propaganda videos on YouTube.

In this sense, YouTube's embrace of the redirect method looks like a smart strategy.

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The company also plans to work with "expert" non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to develop more videos to counter extremist messaging that's aimed at people who are at different stages of the radicalization process. In a long article on the topic, Motherboard writes, "I$3 n order to prevent users from flagging explicit or inflammatory extremist videos, terrorist media groups and disseminators like The Upload Knights and AQ's As-Sahab Media Foundation often label YouTube videos as 'unlisted, ' meaning that the videos can not be searched-only accessed if you are given the link".

"Collaborating with Jigsaw to expand the "Redirect Method" in Europe". Google says it will measure success based on the amount of engagement the debunking videos get from the Redirect Method. As part of last month's announcements, it said that it was increasing the technology it uses to identify extremist and terrorism-related videos as well as increasing the number of human experts in YouTube's "trusted flagger" program.

To combat extremist and terrorism content, the tech giants, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube have created a joint forum to fight against extremist and terrorism propaganda.

Among other things, YouTube will collaborate with expert NGOs to develop video content created to counter "violent extremist messaging at different parts of the radicalisation funnel" over the coming weeks.

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