President Trump Speaks at Commissioning Ceremony of the USS Gerald R. Ford

Posted July 23, 2017

He praised the military members and civilians who worked on developing and building the massive ship, impressing his hope that the carrier serves as "the deterrent that keeps us from having to fight in the first place". "We demand victory, and we will have total victory".

The GOP president will preside over the commissioning of the nation's newest aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford, on Saturday, July 22, during a ceremony at Naval Station Norfolk. He had pledged repeatedly during the presidential campaign to rebuild what he said was the nation's "depleted" military.

Despite those plans, Trump said, the US government has been stingy and inconsistent with its financial support of its military, prior to his time in office.

Additionally, Ford-which is based on the Nimitz-class hull form-restores weight and stability margins by reconfiguring the ship's interior, though she displaces roughly 100,000-tons just like the CVN-68 class (Indeed, one officer noted that while a sea, Ford is much more sporty than the Nimitz thanks to her prodigious horsepower and reconfigured interiors). Construction began in 2008 and was initially slated for completion in September of 2015, but ran into delays.

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The U.S. Navy's new aircraft carrier is billed as "the most advanced in the world" and boasts the ability to carry more aircraft and weapons than any ship before. The Navy says that will save more than $4 billion over the ship's 50-year lifespan.

The Navy said it would cost $43 billion to construct the first three ships in the Ford-class of carriers, including the USS John F. Kennedy, named after the country's 35th president, and the USS Enterprise.

Referring to President Teddy Roosevelt, acting Navy Secretary Sean Stackley told Mr. Trump, "One of your predecessors famously said 'Speak softly and carry a big stick.' We offer you, sir, a big stick". He criticized the Obama administration for what he called a lack of investment in new military technology and shortfalls in military readiness. The work yet to be completed is expected to cost more than $775 million and take another four years.

However, the carrier's commander said he is confident in the new technology. In addition, the carrier hasn't yet been cleared to launch fighters carrying extra fuel in wing tanks because of software issues with the new electromagnetic catapult system that cause excessive stresses at launch.

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